NFL Combine: What to Watch For

NFL Combine: What to Watch For

As the 2020 NFL Combine kicks off in Indianapolis this week, wanted to “bump” up to the top of the page the work I did last year on the NFL Combine. I looked at the 2013-2018 Combine classes to see what I could learn from the results.

What I saw was, a lot of what gets hyped up by the media and by fans is just noise – there’s not a ton of correlation with future NFL production with sweet vertical leaps in a vacuum, for example. There are a few data points that matter, however, and it is position specific.

This information will undoubtedly drive the rookie draft market in dynasty fantasy football leagues – its 2nd in importance only behind actual draft landing spot at this point in the NFL calendar.

Here’s two of the positions I examined in brief:

Running Backs

The NFL Combine drills that correlate the best with future NFL production? Agility-based. 3 Cone Drill and Shuttle Run time:

Wide Receivers

The 3 Cone Drill is massively correlated with future NFL success at this position – it’s even more significant than draft equity at the peak of NFL production:

NFL Combine In-Depth

You can read the full research I did into correlations with future NFL success at the QB, RB, WR and TE positions for a more thorough examination, with player examples to back itup.

The RB position is the first article in the series, followed by WRs.

I also took a closer look at what we might be able to learn about the TE and QB positions – it’s safe to say that the conclusions on what drills matter the most for those players is very different than what matters for RBs and WRs.

Read about TEs here, then you can move on to the QB position.

If nothing else, by the end of examining all of these articles, you’ll have a much better understanding of what I’ll be looking for at the NFL Combine.