About Us

About Us

Meet the Team

We’re Chris & Dave (get the pun-based name, now?), and we’ve known each other for years through some mutual interests and activities. We’ve played fantasy sports games for well over a decade; one day, we decided to put our heads together and start using math and analytics to get ahead of our competition in season long fantasy baseball. Another day, some time well after that, we got the idea to blog/podcast about those thoughts. Here we are!

Christopher D. Rooney
Founder & Lead Analyst

Happily married dog parent (deal with it) with an obsessive compulsive desire to use data-driven decision making. Marketing Communications professional by day, fantasy aficionado 24/7. Owner of several DFS participation trophies.

David W.A. Abbott

Founder & Producer

Happily married actual parent; accountant by day, well-balanced hobbyist by night. Taller than Chris by a wide margin but worse at DFS by a wider margin. Podcast host and editor.